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The youth are the future of our yacht club


LDYC Junior Sailing aims to develop and retain the country’s best young racing sailors, transforming them into the top adult sailors of the future.

We believe that sailing is a lifetime sporting, recreational and social adventure – and completely free of age considerations. Sailing has the unique ability of bringing generations together in sportsmanship, as evidenced by the many families that have passed through our yacht club. While an appreciation of sailing is passed on to the next generation, friendships of a lifetime are also cemented through the common passion of yachting. 

When learning to sail, children also develop essential life skills that will serve them well throughout their lifetimes. Sailing challenges and builds confidence in children by taking them out of their comfort zones and into nature - a world of wind and water where they learn self-sufficiency, leadership and team building, both on the water and on shore.

Youth Sailors skipper their own yachts, learning to navigate through all weather conditions, be they stormy or fair. Discipline, resilience and responsibility are born through rising to the challenge of navigating through all these ever changing weather patterns and their impact on the water.

Junior sailing training is held once a month.

Please contact the  office for more details.


LDYC Members who have competed in the South African Sailing Youth Nationals over many years.

Douglas  White (Springbok) * Todd Fisher * Amy Fisher * Alex Schoen * Marc Hiles * Alex Wiederhold * Stephen van Niekerk 

Richard Wiederhold * Mathew Ingles * Leandre Engelbrecht * Jason Englebrecht * Michael Engelbrecht * Cameron Doubell *

Dylan Lambie * Justin Lambie * Kyle Lambie * Chris Lee * Brendan Lee * Charles Girard * Greg Plunkett * Brian Lion-Cachet * 

Allan Lion-Cachet * Stephanie Goodyer * Jennifer Goodyer * Stewart Bremner * Jonathan Crawford *  

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