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Vasco da Gama Race, 2018

Possible ABYC Eviction - and the 47th Vasco da Gama Race

Late last week Transnet issued an eviction order on the Algoa Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) giving them until 28th of this month to vacate their premises.

In discussion with the ABYC Commodore, Alan Stratton, they are confident that the situation Transnet has put them in will NOT impact on the race in any way. It is all systems go as far as they are concerned, as is the Royal Natal Yacht Club, the organising Club.

Although entries for the race still stand at just 5, there are serious expressions of interest from at least 10 other boats.

Entries close on 28 March and late entries on 11 April, so there is still plenty of time for entries to be received, and for a solid fleet of 10 or more boats to compete for the 22 different trophies on offer.

Contact details to get information, documentation and more is at the end of this message.

The ABYC Statement The support from members and public after Sunday's 'news' has been gratifying and overwhelming - thank you for your continued positivity in these worrying times. Our legal team has secured us a date in the High Court - Friday 23 February at 9:30 am, Bird Street. It is an open court so all are welcome. Gerald Friedman is upbeat about our chances and we share his sentiments. We have also managed to secure a date for our original complaint to be heard in front of the Port Regulator on 20 March 2018 so are feeling bullish about our chances.

Our contention and reasoning for the 'eviction' to be set aside revolves around a few facts:

  1. What we discussed and agreed to between ABYC and TNPA last year before the eviction hearing has not been upheld by TNPA and Gerald Friedman is staking his reputation on the line by making an affidavit to that effect.

  2. In the last Port Regulator hearing the TNPA said that our application to have the Tender process declared null and void was NOT urgent as ABYC had tenure until such time as a new tender was awarded and could then take the process on review.

  3. Despite being asked directly this week the TNPA is not saying if the tender has been awarded or not.

  4. If it has been awarded then the TNPA (according to 1 above) still have to give us two months notice - which will give us time to throw ourselves at the mercy of the Port Regulator.

Info rmation on the Vasco da Gama Race, Notice of Race, Entry Forms and more, please email:

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