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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

held at Emmarentia Sailing Club, Johannesburg

16 February 2013


Owners:                               R Bremner          (in the Chair)                      F Gibbons            (Treasurer)

                                                B Urban                (secretary)                          S Niccol

R  Attridge                                                           C Phillips


Crew/Skippers:                 Dana Badenhorst                                             Mike Spring
                                                Chris Duff                                                            David                                    



1.                   Apologies

Apologies were received from  Derek Goris, Ron Downs, and Rob McCarthy.

2.            Opening of meeting

The Chairman welcomed the attendees, noted that with the proxy vote of Derek Goris (through Chris Duff) there was a quorum and opened the meeting.

3.            Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising
The following changes were noted to the previous minutes:
Correct spelling – Rodger  Attridge
Associate member fees had been agreed at R125.
Minutes proposed by Rodger Attridge and Seconded by Steve Niccol


4.            Chairman’s Report


The Chairman reflected on the excellent attendance and success of the Formula 1’s in racing events and that they performed well compared to any of the other active racing classes. As example:

RTIR 2012 – 5 boats within the top 50
RTIR 2013 – 9 finishers of which 4 boats within top 50
Hivelds 2012 – 11 boats
Nationals 2012 – 10 boats
Grand Slams 2012 – 5 boats
Keelboat Week 2012 – 5 boats
MoD series – 3 to 4 boats regularly contesting the monthly racing, with Jolly Roger skippered by Chris Duff doing exceptionally well

RB noted that a good deal of effort will need to be made to keep up the numbers of participants at events. While there were approximately 25 boats afloat there were 4 known to be for sale (3 for sale in the SA Yachting classifieds, and a forth was Graham Wilsons boat). He noted that it was important to assist to find keen sailors to purchase those boats for sale to keep the class filled with active members – an example was persuading Ron Downs to purchase a Formula 1 rather than a mistral


Richard noted that the Formula 1’s missed the active and frequent participation of Chris Phillips and Rodger Attridge and noted that a big effort would need to be made to get 10 boats to sail the Nationals.


Richard noted that the Rand value of membership fees collected had decreased. One reason was decreased participation in events and interest in paying Formula 1 class fees.

He thanked the 2012 committee for their efforts, and those Formula 1 members who lent their boats to others to sail. 


5.            Treasurer’s  Report

Francis Gibbons tabled his Treasurer’s report. See separate Financial Report.
He noted that there had been no change in the bank signatories and that with the signatories present at the AGM, cheques would be signed to settle all outstanding amounts owing.
It was agreed that since T-shirts and Caps were a large expense and the sales did not cover the costs thereof, that they would not be purchased for upcoming events.


Martin thanked Steve for his valued efforts as Treasurer.


6.            Submitted Items:
No items were submitted.


7.            Class Measurers


Arnie Spies was currently able to measure Formula 1’s.
Chris Duff was nominated and accepted as a Formula 1 measurer – agreed that the measurement was to be done at a convenient location and time for him (arrangements to be made directly with him). The committee chairperson was to arrange with SAS (Daphne) to have him reflected as such.


8.            Upcoming Sailing Events


The following sailing events were noted:

·         Hivelds: 27 and 28 April

·         Nationals: 15 to 17 June

·         Middle of the Dam events (MOD) – first Sunday of every month

·         Keelboat Week

·         Big Boat Regatta – try to arrange a boat to be sailed by a Formula 1 crew

·         Training/Social Weekend: 19 and 20 October


9.            Fees for 2013:   

                A motion to increase the ordinary membership fees for 2013 to R300 was carried.


10.          Election of Office Bearers:


No nominations were received before the meeting.

B Urban noted that he was unavailable for any position, and F Gibbons, that he was unavailable for the position of treasurer. R McCarthy had advised the committee that he was not available for any position.


Nominations and acceptance for the following positions:

Richard Bremner              –             Chairman

Steve Niccol                       -              Treasurer

Francis Gibbons                                -              Committee member

Roger Attridge                  -              Committee member


10.          General
The members agreed that there would be no purchase of caps and Golf-shirts for future events for the moment.
The following needed to be updated and made available:
The list of trophies and who held them
The list of undistributed prizes, hats, caps
The record of measurement certificates.

R Bremner thanked B Urban and R McCarthy for their services on the committee.

                                The meeting closed at 20h00.



      1) Letter from your chairman – file: Greetings all Formula One owners.doc


2)    NATIONALS Documents: Folder - Nationals


2.1)       Notice of Regatta   – file: F1Nationals2009. NOR.pdf

2.2)       Sailing Instructions – file: F1 Nationals 2009SailingInstruc.pdf

2.3)       Entry Form             -  file: F1 Nationals 2009 Entry Form.pdf

2.4)       VCA facilities and menu – file: VCA Facilities and Menu.doc

2.5)       VCA meal planner  - file: VCA Meal Planner-Order Form.doc

2.6)       Scrutineering form -  file: F1 Race Scrutineering.xls (Scrutineering form (advisable for all entrants to the Nationals to check their yacht’s compliance before the regatta)

2.7)       Class rules              - file: F1 Principles and Rules (2005).doc (essential reading for competition in the Nationals)

2.8)       Change of ownership form (required if a new owner takes possession)           - file: RG02 Transfer of Measurement Certificate.xls

2.9)       Mark room rules according to new 2009-2012 rules. Article 1

                                           file: ISAF Rules 2009-2012-Article10001.pdf

2.10)    Mark room rules according to new 2009-2012 rules. Article 2 

                                           file: ISAF Rules 2009-2012-Article2.0001.pdf


3)    Administration Documents: Folder- Administration


3.1)       Constitution           -  file: F1 CONSTITUTION.doc (required reading if class rules to be amended)

3.2)       Previous AGM minutes - file: F1 AGM 2008 Minutes.doc

3.2)     Financial Statements    - file: F1 Financials 2008.xls

3.3)       March 2009 committee-meeting minutes – file: Committee Minutes   2009-03-10.doc

3.4)       Owners list                    - file: F1 Owners List Feb 2009.xls


4)    SAS, NKA, SAMSA, Safety Documents: Folder – Regulations

(South African Sailing, Northern Keel Boat Association,

  South African Marine Safety Authority)


4.1)       NKA Safety                       - file: NKA Safety Rules for racing on the Vaal dam.tif  (compliance essential for all racing on the Vaal dam)

4.2)       SAMSA safety check list  – file: Category R 08 08 2007 Yachts.doc

4.3)       Inland Skippers Licence – folder: SAS Inland Skippers Licence Exemption, files: Application for Sailing Exemption Final.pdf;

                           Exemption Grandfather's Clause letter.doc;

                              Optometrist Report.pdf.

4.4) Racing Rules of Sailing 2009 – 2012 – file: RRS_2009.pdf

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